Friday, February 26, 2010

The things about my soul
by T'Asia

My soul is like a caring person.
My soul is as thoughtful as anybody else.
My soul is as loving as my sisters and brothers soul.
My soul is like the puffy white clous in the beautiful blue sky.
My soul is like an owl taking care of her baby owlets.
My soul is as tasty as a pack of pancakes.
My soul is the thing in side me that makes me happy and stops me from being sad.
My soul will always be with me.

My Color Person
by Carson

My favorite color is silver if it was a person it would be silver and eat silvero's all the time he would love to do everything but homework. He would buy anything I wanted. And he would be a firefighter.

My Soul That Follows Me Everywhere

My soul is smart and happy and it's also the color of glue. I love my soul and he loved me too. And if he left me I'd drop dead literaly, when I die I'll go with him to heaven after all I am stuck to him.

My Life
by Brianna M

My soul is the light inside of me that makes me shine and dazzle. My soul is something that looks and tastes like chocolate. My soul is the pattern inside me that makes me smart. My soul is the power inside me that lights up my brain and makes me the second smartest kid in my class. My soul will lift up to heaven when I die.

Red Soul
by Branden

Soul is red like a fire burning like a hot sausage wrapped in clear piece of plastic. My soul works 24-7 non-stop. When I drink water my soul charges. My soul is red because that's the color of my heart my heart stands for love. Loving is important to me so is my soul. I'm on this earth not to impress other people but to impress god.

Soul poem
by Michael

My soul cries out to blame those with fame and fortune. My soul tries to board the eagles that soar. Why do I blame the fame I'm ashamed. But I can take hold over and take control of my soul.

My Happy/Angry Soul
by Jessica

My soul is like a dragon fire in a burning house with no exits
but on the other side of the burning house
is a green meadow filled with happiness
but farther away is the dark side where all my angry goes
but there's also a place above the sky where peace and love, and joy and angels

Moon Ring Soul
by William

My soul is white like clouds
When I'm mad my soul turns red as a cherry. When I'm happy my soul turns green. When I'm sad my soul turns yellow like cheese.


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