Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're a little behind here (as in two batches of poems from the OUR Center and the Teen Center. So, lots to come.

This first poem is from "Tim Tim." He wrote it last year in another class, and I just discovered it in his notebook:

When I Look in the Sky

at night I thinkof my uncle who died
when he was looking in the sky and got shot. When I look in the sky I think of all the soldiers that died. When I look in the sky I think of my parents and my whole generations. When I look in the sky, I think of my true love.When I look in the sky at night I think of all my dogs
that died.

- Sincerely

Timothy F.

The following poems are a continuation of our poems based on Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself."

Hasting teen center
Marlon walking across
the room looking lost
Harika making dumb sounds
Ms. Brooks eat her lunch
Breanna is eat candy
Zack playing pool and
he think he’s good.


The teen center is as loud as it could be

everybody is shouting
and running and Mrs. Singleton
stops and yells
Everybody stops
Bryanna sleeps withher mouth open and feet on the couch
as if she was home
Willie plays thePS2 and get mad
when he is losing and
Mrs. Brooks is watching
Jeeper-Creepers talking bout O no she
O yes she did.

- Charles

Flagler Estates

My home town is Flagler Estates,
I live in the section named…
Guzeman Avenue, Sometimes I
see this woman and her 4 year old
son walking from one street to the
other, there is this one man walking
his German Shepherd every day, and
there is this one man who jogs every day
for fifteen minutes until he gets
5 streets down the road, and stops and
drink some water until he starts
sweating out of his forehead,
like the Gatorade commercials
with the people sweating blue
and red Gatorade

- Maleek

F. Estate my House

Mom – sitting in her room doing hair
Oldest sister – yelling at younger sister
Youngest sister – yelling back at oldest
Dad – come home from work yells at sisters
Brother – cleaning up our room
Me – play the game laugh and tease at youngers, on and on and on allnight long.
Dogs bark all day dog drama
Computer on all night
TV on for two hours straight
See Halloweens decorations
Room looks a mess.
Lights on all night long

- Timothy


The houses look like they are haunted.
The kids look like they are statues.
The adults are running like it is a race.
The roads look like they are dark and dusk.
The vehicles are going very slow like they don’t know everybody.
The other people on the streets are lying on the ground.
The city feel like it is a bright sun just coming up.
The ditches are so deep thatthey look like they never end.
The grass is like it is too short.

- Zack

Flagler Estates

Dirty, muddy, kids
I don’t like
Boring, Dead, Depressing
Me, my cousins at my
house on the weekend
playing football, playing games,sitting down talking

- Marlon

I see CJ walking down mainstreet eating
Willie sit in his chair at Rec.
Bryanna sleeps with her head down on the couch.
Stephan is looking at
Bryanna write sentences.
Mrs. Singleton is sitting at her
desk eating chips.
Marlon is sitting down playing the game.
Harkia is sitting with
her back to mine.
The office is a gaping door of silence.
The library is a fun safe place for kids
CJ and Bryanna hold hands on the couch.

- Willie

There are sleeping mummies draping around.
While there are raining rats and bats.
There’s rotten potatoes floating around.
While there’s swimming cats and cows.

- Stefan