Thursday, November 19, 2009

After reading "Abandoned Farmhouse" by Ted Kooser, we talked of derelict houses we've seen in town. What happened? The children imagined stories behind the broken windows and chipped paint.

What happened here? Who knows?
The pretty white polished walls are
demolished. Hey remember
the time when we formed a hole in the wall
the kid was in it then we
accidently closed up? We are sorry!
Hey we’re fallin’ bye bye bye byeByyyyeee
friend you’re not my friend.
- Morgan

The old house had no windows
I wonder what happened
the fence is so raggedy and old
Maybe the people got ambushed.
Maybe there was a storm and
they died possibly dragons
ate them but I think pink monkey
ruled the world and covered it
in chocolate!
- Logan Morrison

Old house

We are old said the rusty
chain by the door. “Be quiet
you old coot” said the broken pencil left behind by a child
“the people arecoming back!” but it was only a red truck driving by
the dented computer started to cry
“I miss the wonderful people that download stuff on me and play fun games”
"Will you be quiet for goodness’sake they’re never coming back.”
- Amber Kidd

Say the what does

What does my father say at night. While I’m sleeping at night say the stars are out. Other children are sleeping too. Say the monkeys are missing. Say the kids are sleeping let’s put water on them. Say the horse is missing. Say the abandoned house up the street is scary. Say the boys are weird and double dutching. Say the everything is weird. Everything creeps me out. Say the way is everything weird. Goodbye.
- Kara

The house

There was a tall house, says the door that was as tall as the house; a tall window too; says the broken bedroom door.
- Aivona

The old things

I was once loved says the old raggedy doll. I was once drunk out of says the old china teacup. I was once used to make bread says the toaster. I was once used to let people sleep on at night says the old bed. I was once used to watch things says the old, dusty t.v.I was once used to clean with said the old, rusty sink. I was once used to cook with says the old stove and oven. I was once used to take hot stuffout of the oven says the potholders.I was once used to let people eat on says the old, dirty table. I was once used to sit on says the couch and chair. Quit it! Says the old refrigerator. What about me? I’m supposed to be used for food says the old refrigerator.
- Jasmine

Something new is in my house it howls at me and scares me. I want to say get out ghost but if I did it would probably kill me! I couldn’t really see it in the light but you can see it in the dark. I’m warning you don’t go near ghost!
- Teretha

Says the

I was once happy says the depressed dog; I once was shiny
says the ugly floor. I once
was new says the rotten table.
I once smelled good says the
old flowers. I once was working
said the worn out t.v.
- John P

The abandoned stuff

I once was loved says the old
rotten floors. Why have they abandoned
us says the broken windows. I was
filled says the empty dusty cabinet.
I was full of joy says the rotten old roof.
I had a family says the upstairs attic. My family used
to live here says the walls. I am
always cold because of the broken windows says the old rags lying in
the sink. I was clean says the dirty
concrete. I was alive says the
dusty dead flowers sitting in thewindow. Why should we care
they are never coming back says the door.

- De’Andrea

The house

There was thousands of people on me says the lonely lawn,
we are nothing, we are stupid trash said the angry porch. I am so sad if I had arms I would burn myself up said the frustrated house.
- Gage

There was a big greenhouse? it was big but not at all
but if you go in there the
witch would take your bones and cook them and eat them. She haves a green face that looks so ugly that she look at a window it would break. The kids mother go to jail but that the end of my story.
- Eric

There was the house there but the walls said to me when I walk in they said how are you doing and the floor said to me I love you. The dark said to me want to see your mom when we went to see my dad
my dad said to me.

- Latavia

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