Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're Back

For the third year!

Many thanks to Flagler College Creative Writing and English Major Sarah Wallace who will be busy assisting me this year on the blog. So many poems!

Great things to happen. We started with some quiet poems based on D.H. Lawrence's "White Horse."

All the animals
I think the quiet thing is
you and me and a frog
and a horse and white rose

- July, 2nd

Quiet is like a meadow floating around your
head. Quiet is like a storm around your
room. Quiet is shhh stop talking. Quiet is
nature. Quiet is a garden. Quiet is a word.
Quiet is quiet.

- Teretha, 5th

Wow all I can hear is the leaves dropping to the ground
and the squirrels chewing on their nuts and a rhythm
going through my body.

- Ashlynn, 2nd

I can hear my mom slicing her ham and the
fan and the wind going through my hair and my sister
quietly trying to sing.

- Ashlynn, 2nd

A very quiet moment is when I look in
my dad’s eyes oops…I’m in trouble why
did you tell on me.

- Ashlynn, 2nd

And, a few poems that were accidentally forgotten from June:

a poem is peaceful and it has a
lot of expressing. A poem a story that
is some sad but some are glad.
a poem is peaceful like when the
sun sets.

- Ryan B. 2nd

A Poem Works
A poem is strong it is fit it
works out every day and night
and it never sleeps it is restless
it will work work to the
end of the universe!

- Nathan, 4th

I am the beach waves crashing
& winding back up again, I am
the blue sky playing with my puppet
clouds. I am the white water sparkling
like the sun. I am the air that
smells like grass. I am the stars in the
sky that twinkle & point to the moon. I am
the wind that whooshes in the night.
I am the bright morning star that
twinkles every morning. I am not a
tree in the swamp. I am not the
lightening that flashes through the sky.
I want to be the horse I see
running. I want to be the
fish swooshing through the water.
I want to be the salty air of the

- Jacob S, 2nd

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