Tuesday, June 9, 2009

J-villia (The Monster)

J-ville is a teenage boy
that lives everywhere
he never stays home
sometimes he is nice
but most of the time
he is a back stabber
he is not a heavy sleeper.
You say one thing about him he
will shoot you.

Bryanna, 6th

Palatka is like my grandmom
who never go anywhere like
setting down eating watching TV
Sometimes it be like KeKe like having

Keyona, 6th

Flagler Estates

Only one town is in the middle of nowhere

He's a wonderful man, very caring and rejoyceful person

He cares and helps everyone he can
He feeds his guests
He has kindness for playing pool
And he is so nice you could
write more than one poem
about him

He lives in a nice house

He had one dog and it
keeps him company

Zack, 6th

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a thug place when you
walk the streets of Tampa you already
know what's it's all about
What I want to see change is all
the little boys get out the chain gang and
stay in school. All these little girls
stop selling their bodies, these single
mothers keep believing and these
men stop thugging.

Kenisa, 6th

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