Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hastings is a boy. He always yell
but the best thing he like to do is
sing. He's always wearing tights and
a T-shirt. He also always be riding a
bike. He is the tallest in the class.
I think he should play basketball
because he's tall but the mst
thing he likes to do best is sing.

Teretha, 4th

Hastings is a dog, a light brown baby
puppy that don't like being mean.

Da' Miah, 4th

Elkton is a girl with overalls
and a red shirt and her favorite color is blue.
Her favorite game is checkers and her favorite
sport is horse riding. She doesn't like TV
and she plays outside with all of her
friends. She loves slimy bugs and nice
quiet stories. She has a dog named Alexis.
Her favorite food is cream corn and she
likes chocolate milk. At school her favorite
subject is math and her bedtime
is 9:30 pm and she loves her horse,

Haillie, 4th

Flagler Estates is a muddy
boy on a four-wheeler mud bogging
in the deepest mud hole he
can find. He will meet up
with all his buddies and
they wll show each other
to different mud holes.
At night him and his
buddies will go home and
put their four-wheelers up
and take a shower and
then get into bed to
dream the best dreams
he can dream.

David, 4th

Flagler Estates

A middle age brunet stands
in the middle of nowhere.

She's a sweet lady, very kind
and resourceful.

She helps everyone she can
She has mudholes for rednecks
She has nice soil for gardening
And she is so pretty you could
write a million poems about her

She has lots of friends but
lives all alone

She has lots of animals, they
keep her company.

Whitley, 8th

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mike said...

Hastings is an old man that remembers how times used to be when he could run fast and jump high and when he had alot of friends. There were bad times too that he wishes he could undo; things he thought were funny and people he should've invited to be friends. Hastings wants to be a young man again, have fun and undo all of the wrongs. He's gonna ride the bus to the fountain of youth in St. Augustine, take a drink and become the best small town in Florida.