Monday, May 18, 2009

I asked the students to write about someone they saw often, but might be afraid of, or intimidated by. Get inside that person's head, I told them. Write about what he or she thinks and regrets and longs for and hopes.

I hear people talking about me saying
other people look at me. I'm just
minding my own business riding my bike
What did I do to them to make them
call me field rat? I'm just a nice old
lady. I wanted to be treated like they wanted
to be treated. I know everybody is different
and we don't look a like but I want to be treated
how they get treated.

Ranesha, 5th

I walk around Hastings always drinking
at Tang's. I fell asleep at the barber shop
and got a mohawk.
I'm always being talked
about because of some
of my bad habits,
but it's addicting I just can't stop.
People talk and talk about
me behind my back saying
I'm a bad influence. I just
want someone to love and
cherish who would be my
friend forever till the
end of days. It's hard that's
all I can say.

Erica, 5th

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mike said...

I wave at hundreds of people a day. I'm on the side of the road most days unless it's raining hard, squatting down keeping track of all of the different colors of cars, trucks and motorcycles. I eat at different places in town and most people talk to me. I go to all activities at the Library and sometimes screw screws into a board in the back room when they dump out junk. I shake everyone's hand and make the best motorcycle noises when I ride my bike down the street. SOmetimes people think I'm on a real motorcycle. I like that I can trick them with my mouth.