Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Mother and Dad getting along. I have more friends
than usual. Me walking up to a black pale sky.
Seeing a pale black lady staring up above
talking to god. How can that be? Me being
good for one time a day.

Ashlynn, 2nd

I dream of my papa in
heaven and having chocolate.
He would be eating it and eating it
and when it's gone another load
is coming. He would be playing
with Max and Bo in heaven.
He would have a lot of
fun. I would dream of
me in heaven, too.

Dream Cloud

Black white chestnut
colors of the wild horses running the
eagles, flying with the wind, racing
down the field and back. They're
tired now they stop to rest. They
get back up and graze a while
then it is quiet as can be. They let their
food settle and they're up again racing
down the field and back,
the little foals nipping each other settling
down again and peacefully go to sleep.

Amber, 3rd

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