Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did you hear that?

We are still just happy as we could be about the arrival of Juice up the True Say. Meanwhile, there's poetry to write. Yesterday, in between signing books, the Teen Center REC poets wrote these poems about silence:

Silence is a stray dog
Silence is a class with sleepy ghost kids
and a teacher wondering how much sleep did they get
Silence is a green way of a grownup waiting for kids
to say sorry to each other
Silence is two ants fighting one another
Silence is a word of prayer
Silence is when you think someone is there.
Jameka, 6th

Silence is a white cloud
Silence is myself
Silence is what i want
Silence is an empty place
Loudness is all around the world
Loudness is a place full of people
Marlon, 7th

Silence is
I don't know the true
definition of silence
but I think the definition
in my heart sounds and
looks like the birds whistling
church bells ringing. It looks like
a church bible. It smells like hot
cocoa. It feels like a baby.
Bryanna, 6th

Green and black are loud colors
Pink and Red are silent colors
Green and black are like music in your head
Pink and red are when you are sleeping
Green and black is like dancing
Pink and red is when you are thinking
Green and black are banging on drums
Pink and red is like reading a book
Zackary, 5th

And from the younger REC and OUR Center students:

Silence is
A light pink
A no-leaf tree
light blue sky
dark room
gray dark pencil
black and brown rotten teeth
dark blue
a black cat with green eyes
a flying butterfly

Da'Miah, 4th

When I'm at the beach in the cold
blue water it feels like I'm day
dreaming and never hear others
When I'm in my classroom, my
teacher puts the soft sweet songs on
It feels like I'm in the rain forest.
Marquelle, 4th

Pretty is not quiet but ugly is
Pretty is like a dream that you
want to let out of the box
ugly is peaceful and quiet. Silence
is all I need to have white
gray and black they're all so peaceful
and quiet.
Ashlynn, 2nd

My mouth is loud. My feet is noise. My
nose is silence. The classroom is silence.
Lauren is silence since she got two checks
by her name and Teretha is laughing silence.
I am sitting silence. The clock is noise.
A dog is loud a mouse is silence.
My hair is silence. A pen is noise
when you write with it. A person is
loud. TV is loud. Janekia is noise.
Ms Kim loud. Mrs Brown loud. I am
sometimes loud and noise. Alivona is silence.

Ranesha, 5th

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