Friday, April 24, 2009

Darkness and Light

Great new poems this week. In our Teen Center class, I'd like to welcome Keyona and Tyre. We hope they join us again!

Light Ghosts Roaming in the Dark Night

Dark is a very rich black color. Ghosts are
a light white color that rome through
the streets in the dark alleys in New York. New York's
very bright lights scare the
roming ghosts into a grave that's pitch
black so now they're sealed just like an
envelope that's getting ready to get sent off.
Ghost hate bright lights. They just
like the pitch dark. New York is very
bright, it's very light. It's just like a
knight ready to fight. New York stays
light and bright at nite so you can
scare away the light ghosts who
are ready to scare at night.


My Soul Court

Light is so many things like my soul,
Dark is so many things like a basketball court,
Light is so many things like my heart,
Dark is so many things like my room,
Light is so many things like a video game,
Dark is so many things like a pool table,
Light is so many things like my house,
Dark is so many things like my family,
Light is so many things like my personality,
Dark is so many things like a radio,
Light is so many things like a self,
Dark is so many things like shooting darts.


St. Augustine is light
Hastings is dark
Florida is light
New York is dark
Football is light
Every other sport is dark
Games are light
Work is dark
Number 8 is light
Number 9 is dark
Letter M is light
Letter O is dark
A smiley face is light
A sad face is dark

Marlon, 7th

Dark! Light!

New York! is light. Mississippi is dark!
A snow storn is light. It's so
bright with white. Thunderstorms
is dark and mysterious dark as a black
room with no white in it. You
can't see sun. It is light bright hot!
Dark TV screen. Like a dark
midnight sky with no stars. With closed.

Brandon, 7th

Light is all right
Dark is very good

Light is my mother when
my mother make me clean
my room

Dark is my dad
when my dad
give me what I want,
money and clothes

Sometimes I'm light
Sometimes I'm dark
When I'm dark I have fun
When I'm light I be boring



Darkness is creepy through
and through. Sometime it help
me to see the things that I've
been through. Like when I was
a child darkness scared me
a lot because of darkness I
couldn't sleep a lot. My brother's
room was near mine which made
me a little safe but when he
went away for a while I couldn't
see his face. So as I got older
I had to realize the opposite
of darkness is light from God which
I have now found.

Ms Singleton

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mike said...

Ms. Singleton's poem reminded me of the time I was walking home from Isaac Litton Middle School Tennis courts which was about a half a mile from my house growing up. It was dusk and out of the blue my older brother told me to always walk under the street lights if I was by myself because people who do bad things are scared of the light. In the light they had no power because everyone including God could see them whereas Satan had more sway on the dark part of the streets. I remember being impressed that Sam paid attention in church. I only drew pictures.