Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jontae is back

Two new poems from our fifth grader, Jontae.

A day on 8th Street

Some kids play
Some beat or rap
Some sit under a tree and nap

Where boyfriends and girlfriends meet
Where they come to talk or eat

At night cars roll by some throw rocks
Some go up to the store and stick candy in their socks.

Afternoons they lick on lollypops
Some still on run from the cops.

Some kids fight some kids hit you with baseball
bats as you ride on your bike.

Some kids rob
Some fight over corn on a cob.

Now you see how we live on 8th Street
So when you come to town you best bet is to leave.


Where I'm From

Where I'm from the night is cool
Where I'm from there is no light in the street pole
Where I'm from the day seems dark
Where I'm from kids are smart
Where I'm from you do not want to know
Where I'm from people can not afford clothes
Where I'm from people have no food
Where I'm from people just lose their cool

Know I just told yo


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