Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where the loneliness goes

In my second and third grade class, we have a new ritual. As everyone gets settled in their seats, Zachary reads poems from one of the many poetry collections he has checked out from the library. While I am handing out notebooks and pencils, he reads Shel Silverstein and somehow the class comes to attention and gets off to a great start. I'm especially proud of these guys this week. We end each class by reading our work of the day, and the students have begun to notice lines in each other's poems that they like. Ashlynn loved Bri's line about the wind whispering.
[Whitley, a seventh grader at Gamble Rogers Middle School is helping out in this class, and is writing along with us].

Rose petals falling off. It's
frustrating me. Cause it
makes me sing. Cause it gives me a beat. Like
heaven. The neighbors tell me
to shut up.

Ashlynn, 2nd

When I sing

When I sing I hear beautiful sounds
When I sing I hear whispers when
I sing the wind whispers my
name and starts to sing along
with me when I sing I make
people smile and I make
them happy.

Brianna M., 3rd

Homma went to the hospital.
I was really sad. It felt like
my guardian angel was not next to my side.
No one to get money from
No one to say goodnight to.

Ashlynn, 2nd


I felt sad when my papa
died but I tore it up and
said stay away he's in my
heart. I always have my papa
in my heart because he
lost a leg in a car accident
and took my chocolate away
and hid and ate it and always
called me pain in the butt.

Zachary, 3rd

When I sing. And what happens when I sing

My favorite thing is singing. It opens
my heartand the sun will shine
on a rainy day. The wind will
blow the trees will blow from side
to side. And when nobody is around
I will bring them back home and
make them smile. The rain will
go away and the sun will shine
and my heart will open the birds
will whistle. The flowers will grow.
I can make people here again.

Brianna M, 3rd

Anger is always creep up on me
It's no ordinary thing, anger.

It can hurt you or make you hurt
someone else.
Anger can make you a different person

While there is anger in you there is
no happiness or love

I once heard a saying that you need
love and happines to grow
But if you have anger, you're
going to be a short and angry person.

Whitley, 7th


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