Monday, February 9, 2009

The children wrote poems based on photographs of elderly men and women.

Hey Hey that's my dad's friend

Hey Hey that's my dad's
friend. They were friends since I
was born. When they were 17 or
16 they used to at night
look at the stars and
imagine that it was something.

Alleria, 2nd

Old Man

Why does this old man look so sad
and glum. Maybe he lives alone but
you never realy know how he lives his life.
You know that it has to be some sort of
reason why but we just need to konw
Why he feels the way that he does, but
we think that we are just going to have
to find out by asking him why he is
very very unhappy about his life. I think
that he will come around someday
when he wants to talk to someone special
that he loves will probably understand
him to make him speak.

Ebony, 5th

Man on a Tire

One day a man was sad with sorrow
He thought he would cry
He thought he had lost everything
But he still had a car. He was leaning on his tire
So he is just letting his life past.

Chris, 4th

This is me when I was 80. I was
starving and everybody hated me. I sit
in my house and wonder why everybody
is eating and driving cars.

Daniel, 4th

If I was this old man, I would pray to
god every night and morning.
I would wash my hair every night.
I would put on handsome clothes
when I'm going to work.
I would draw sale stuff and get money.
I would take care of myself.
I would watch my grandkids.
I would take good baths.
I would not scream at anybody or argue.
I would brush my teeth.
I would get new teeth.

Da' Miah, 4th

Hi my name is Jill. I am 59 years old. I like
to eat donuts and drink coffee. I like to lie
and watch TV and read the newspaper.
I think one day I would be in the newspaper.

Branden, 2nd

I imagine that I was a poor person that have
water coming down from the wall. And I see
bushes and tress and the birds chirping and
the sun shining down at me. I have plants and
pictures. And the blinds is opened up. And people
is playing outside playing with me

Bryann, 2nd

I See Plants

I see a lady
she is standing
in a garden.
She is looking
at all of the
plants. She
is wondering
what kind of
plants they
are. She
thinks they
are lemon
trees. And the
lemon trees are
making her

Brianna M, 3rd

Skeleton Whisper

I whisper to my poor skeleton
I whisper to my skeleton, Protect
me so I am happy to whisper my
secrets to. I whisper, Quit so
no one hurts me.

Amber, 3rd

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