Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stepping inside paintings

Poems based on paintings of Salvador Dali:

The Strange Mirrors

What do the signs say?
Why are there mirrors on it?
What kind of sign is that?
What do the mirrors have in it?
What is behind the mirrors?
Does it look like a shirt?
What does the other side look like?
Why is there a mask in the middle of the picture?
What is on the paper?
And what does it look like?

Destany, 2nd

The Beautiful Queens that Shine

The stripes are so beautiful they can shine bright like a star
And a moon the stars in the sky and the moon in the metal
and the stripes they can shine like a butterfly
and they can shine like a siney big heart
and a flower and make a big lovely stripes heart
And they all will be so big, a little girl will pop out of
it like a little pinhole and she will say that
she is so beautiful that she can do what she
wants but she really can't and she acts
like it. And it makes a flower and a spotted
heart and a butterfly. And it's like a blister
and a hot spot and they all shine like
a buttery polka-dotted and spotted heart.

Ken-dija, 2nd

I see this picture with
something familiar inside,
it looks like a giant tooth
with a cavity inside?
No it's a giant bird beak
with an eye! Wait, it's all
of those and some other
things oh oh I wonder what's

Summer, 4th

I see a man who is sleeping

I see a river flowing through a

chrystal reflection
I finally step through a
painting filled with secrets
I step through a painting
filled with holes and dreams

I feel like an empty
space I feel like I can

finally breath

Lauren, 5th

This picture reminds me of California
because California has mountains and
a big rock that is
brown. If somebody put me in a picture I
would want to come back home
to my family because I will be
scared and they wouldn't let me

Alleria, 2nd

I like this picture because

it makes me feel good like this

painting because it makes me fee

better. This pictures feel like I

am in this.

Princess, 2nd

This picture reminds me of

a man that is covered by a bunch

of papers. The other pictures looks like

a tooth in the air. The giant tooth has

an enormous hole in the inside

of the tooth. THere are clouds in

the dark light sky. It looks like there

is a stone that is under the giant

tooth. It looks like the boy and

his father is watching the giant tooth.

Eryca, 4th

Stair World

This painting makes me lost

inside, it make me want

to stare at it for a long time

it has a lot of blue blue

blue blue blue blue

Bryanna, 6th

As I step inside this picture

A big giant tooth is above me. I

walk down this big picture

it make me want to give more

and more to share.

Amy T, 5th

This picture reminds me of shapes, all kinds of shapes

I see a mask. It looks like a triangle.

I see bunches of rhombus.


This picture reminds me of thousands

of shuttered pieces of diamonds

falling out of the sky.

Precious, 5th

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mike said...

Ken'Diya's poem is like a polka dot audio blister in my ears.
I think Dali is smiling in the ground dreaming of young Hastings poets riding big potatoes with gold 20s and bass thumpin Thelonious Monk on a unicycle riding a high wire held up by field workers and swallow tailed kites and when his dead eyes blink my scrambled eggs arrive and the cheese is melted like clocks.
Mr. Mike