Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting Ekphrastic

In my absence week before last, Mr. Mike introduced the poets to ekphrastic poems, bringing some funky sculptures and objects to class for the children to write poetic responses. As soon as I set up my new scanner, I'll post the pictures of the objects). When I returned, I brought prints of Salvador Dali paintings. Turns out that the children -- from second grade to fifth, truly enjoyed writing in response to art. They studied the paintings long and hard, and talk amonst themselves about what they saw. Imagine what's it like to be walking inside that painting, I said. Ask it questions, talk back to it. I reminded them of the poems we've written to music. Like the songs, what does this painting remind you of? Most of all, make the poem anything you like, is what I told them. I'll be posting the Dali poems later. From the sculptures:


It is a savior of trust
It locks all of your secrets
up and does not tell
cause it can't talk

Ashlynn, 2nd

The sculptures are made by hand
They stand for the 6 pillars
One looks like glass
One looks like a zoo keeper
They look like the four gods

Zachary H. 2nd

God of Rome
Shiny canoe
Glass king
Blue buddha
Tiny cop

Tyler, 4th

There is a head with a beard in a shiney boat on wood
with a glass body and a man with a book and
a blue buddha in front of it

White philospher in a silver boat
Blue buddha, fat dude eating a donut, and
a little chrystal traveler.

Trevor, 5th

The avocadoes failed, but they look
alright. The color looks like brown rubber.
I think number six looks like a turd.
The water looks yucky.

Zachary, 2nd

Once there was a half man
on a horse. The man did not have
any legs and arms and then he
said gitiup gitiup horse so
the horse went fast.

Alleria, 2nd

There is a brown horse white
legs white hoof by its self. It is
white and its tail and hair is white
and it has brown eyes.

It is a unicorn no wings yellow
pink green hair and it was all
white and shiny and it was smiling

There was a stapler it was all
gree and inside it was silver.

Da'miah, 4th

Once it was a half man on
a horse. The man only had
a head, hair, a face and a

Isis, 4th

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