Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Secrets of Nature

Wonder how the sun comes up? Wonder how the sky becomes dark? Actually, there are some very tiny people responsible for those jobs.

I'm the Moon

I can tug the moon up with
my strong arms

I can make the stars that
you see in the night

I can make it warmer for

I can make it dark so
you can see the moon

Destany, 4

Tiny Person! and the Rainbow

I make rainbows come sometimes and when I go
away it goes away and when I come back it
laughs about what it just did and it is
too big for me and I'm too small for her
and sometimes the rainbow eat too much
and I'm so tiny I can't eat

Daneisha, 4

My job is to make
the sun come up and make it
go down. Here's how I do it.
I get a million of little people
and they push the sun up and
they roll it down. It is really
hard. We don't get a lot of sleep
but we get some sleep.

Mack, 4

The Little Man

There once was a little man
named Maleek and he could make it
rain and snow all the time. People
would ask him to make it rain because
it would be 100 degrees outside and he would
do it for their pleasure and kindness
forever and ever because he couldn't
die because he drank this potion that
made him small and have no death

Maleek, 5

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