Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Collaboration, writing in pairs

The theme: the road to or from school -- or any road that you frequent.

The game: First writer writes one word, second writer writes one. Then, two and two. Three and three until both writers have written ten words a piece. The fun thing about this poem is that it is that the road becomes a combination of two different roads from two different writers.

Loud, yelling, people dancing, getting wild
like they're home alone. Little dogs barking
like they're having a party, daycares all
around, kids acting like a clown.
Running and hearing the beat of their
feet, gangs of kids on the
corner, hearing bicycle chains,
car engines rumbling loud.

Kenisa, Bryanna

Curve trees, Scales open, birds, bees
fast truck smoking, basketball blocks drinking
I don't want to signs, lines, fines
When is it going to mailbox grass
cars past,
Dirt caked on the house, color of
bricks stiks ticks pits sidewalks
and chalk
Kangaroo gas, Bojangles chicken, turn left at
Washington with guns fun sun cool breeze, fleece.
Brick streets, bulldozer, I can't remember
who lived there in a city that
is busy and people running
dizzy. It's time to go, mailbox
grass, sidewalks past,
Lines. Pines.

Jameka, Ms Kim

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