Friday, December 19, 2008

You're Invited

Shakespeare is alive and well in Hastings. Second and third graders actually enjoyed performing, "Come unto these Yellow Sands," a short song from The Tempest. Then, they wrote their own invitation poems, inviting the reader to follow them along to a secret place, or the revelation of a secret power or bit of knowledge -- that only they know about. I asked them to incorporate the colors and sounds and alliteration that Shakespeare used in his song. This made for some wonderful invention. I love second grader Ashlynn's use of alliteration "lives lady bugs," and "bites the bones to bits."

Come with me and I will tell you frogs live in
the forest. When that frog was a baby
and when she growed up her mother left
her to go to Canada. Now that's a long way.
What do you think?

Tamia, 2nd

You're Invited

Come to my secret place,
Where we could lay down in the
dark green grass and watch the white
fluffy clouds go by in the light
blue sky. We will be surrounded by the sounds
of nature. Animals nearby,
Making loud cries.

Precious, 5th

I invite you with me to the lake
where an old man lives, lady bugs
shiver and quiver. He bites the bones
to bits. Girls find gravity
the hobo is next to a
haunted house the hobo
has a group of hobos
who fixed a small house.
The branches fall down
and the leaves die.

Ashlyn, 2nd

A Tale of the Extraordinary Ocean

Come with me to a universe filled
with adventure. Do you always think mermaids
are real or not? Well I know a
tale that doesn't have a whale. It all
begins when pirates sailed the seas. A group
of pirates thought they saw mermaids
but they saw manatees. The tale was passed

Christopher, 4th

Come with me cause I
know how your brain
works. Their cabinets
their papers cause how
do you think the mini-yous
remember things? They
push everything aong
your body never mess
with your mind.

Ashlyn, 2nd

A Place Called Candy Island

Come with me to a place called Candy Island
I hear the lollypops bang together. Pow Pow Pow!
I heard birds say bark bark bark.
I see a huge volcano that shoots out fudge VeVeVe
The giant says Fe Fi Fo Fum let's
get Sardines!

Zachary H, 2nd

Cometh with me through the ticking
portal to the tower of time. Where red time
diamonds make the tower. Where you can find
all you want in any color. Red, blue, green yellow,
purple, pink, black or white. Leave with a red time
diamond to cometh back any time.

Tyler, 5th

The Beautiful Ocean Sea
Come with me to the beach to the
bottom ocean sea. You would see the
beautiful ocean clear water
You would see the colorful fish drinking
the clear water saying gulp gulp
gulp and you would hear the splash of
the clear water plsh plsh plsh the light
gray beautiful dolphins would do and you would see the blue
whales splashing their huge tails in the water
sploosh the whale would make a big
noise and you would see the gray shark
would swallow all the fish. Yummy
the shark would say.

Da' Miah, 5th

Come with me to my underground
place. And my name is Baby Hulk
and me only knows that I am Baby
My dad doesn't know. My mother doesn't
but when little kids like me or bullies
and if I get 200 on my watch I will
turn into Baby Hulk and go crazy.

Timothy, 2nd

Hiding Spot

Come with me to a place where there is a place to hide and not
be found. It is small and nothing there.

Aliviona, 4th

The Room

Come with me to the class where all of my friends are and
where we read books. Come with us to the lunchroom where
all the food is. Come to the music room where all the drums
are. Come on don't be shy. Just a little father come with
me to the movies where they eat popcorn.

Teretha, 4th

Where My Secret Lives

Come with me I'll tell you my
secret. It lives on earth and it
has gave birth to a child and it
wouldn't go wild it will be mild
in a bottle.

Matthew, 5th

My Little Secret

I have a secret power
to allow me to control time
I can rewind, fast-forward, freeze
and end time.

Enrique, 6th

My Secret Power

Come with me. I will show you a new world
and new universe. I will show you a new
power of mine that is real special to me and my
father who is super strong because
he is wonder man. And my mom is
WOnder Woman. Come with me I am
gonna show you my brother and he is
fast as lightening. Now do you
want to hear my secret power? it is the
super punch. I can smash a whole

Maleek, 5th

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