Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A place called home

The teens read the lyrics to Mos Def's Habitat which begins with the phrase," We all got to have a place that we come from, a place we call home." They wrote about what makes their home, their family unique.

I Come out Street the Hood

We all got to have a place where we
come from a place called home. My
home start off with drama issues.
My home is like hitting the road
chasing from our problems, they
real road. Having babies at a young
age. Eating the best part
of all our problems and we laugh, have
fun like a real family that's where
I come from.

Kenisa, 6th

When I think of home, I
Remember walking down the street,
Chasing the ice-cream truck
Trying to get a cold treat.
Sitting on the porch
feeling like I'm being baked
or a sizzling pan cooking
a pancake.
Quickly eating candy
pulling out my teeth
Nothing like eating pork or beef.
People yelling, people drinking
Talking so much they aren't even thinking.
Eating blow-pops, smacking on
gum, eatin fast food. I think I
need a Tums.
Everyone shooting, others die
thinking they fly, while getting
Me, my friends and my cousins
getting aggravated because
those flies keep buzzing
Others living life like Keyshia Coles.
While other girls
Shaking their flat rumps
trying to be like
Beyonce Knowles

Deraje, 7th


mike said...

Kenisha and Deraje,
Your poems are awesome.

When I think of homes there are several to choose from
one with a tree house and a creek and a barn but not enough money to stay
another home in a new town with old friends left in the country
then another only two houses down
then to texas for college
back to tennessee then ohio where Windy was a flight attendant then back to tennessee then to florida
home is all of those places and none of those place and all the people that come and go in my heart.

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