Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Willie Perdomo

We modeled some more of Willie Perdomo's work this week -- the poem, "Papos are Poetica." So, what kind of poem or song are you stuck inside?

Stuck in a Poem

I'm stuck in a poem that sounds
like windows shattering, the
voices you hear suddenly stops.
This poem looks like a girl who has just been
cut on a piece of glass. To
the last drops of the
shattered glass. The girls
lonely cries start to fall.
It's like the sounds of the birds
starting to chirp. The girl's
eyes begin to turn red
as she buries her head
in the bed. She closes
her eyes and she listens
to the wind as it spreads.
It sounds lke the sounds
of the windows shattering
across her head.

Taymaria, 7th

The poem I'm Stuck In

I'm stuck to poetry like chewing gum
on the bottom of a shoe,
I was pressed on to poetry with

Poetry is clear like tape,
Poetry is the best taste.
Poetry floats in the air,
If you feel poetry might be in your hair,
Poetry has suds like soap
Poetry is like the sizzle in Coke
Poetry shoots like a gun
When you play with poetry
you will have fun

Jameka, 6th

Stuck Poem

I'm stuck in a poem like dirt that is in the ocean
I'm stuck in a poem that sounds like cars crashing and
people not being nice but mean
I'm stuck in this old nasty poem thaat don't have a shower
or little water
I'm stuck in this old town that makes you poems every
Tuesday and thank the Lord that we don't write every day
I'm stuck drumming in this hold poem not a new poem
I'm home in the street of this poem where I'm stuck
for life.

Zach, 6th

Wish Song Poem

The song that I am stuck in is Rockin. It feels like I'm
in a box not round. I feel like playing the drum
all day.

This song sounds like you will bang your head all day long. I
would be very hungry when I get out. I hope I can get
out of this old song and get into a new song.

My song will not stop singing the same song over
and over again. When your brain hurts don't come to
me and say My Head Hurts because I didn't do it.

My drums will not stop drumming on the drums. When
I try to get the drumsticks I will keep drumming
until they stop which will be never. I will die drumming
before you die singing.

Zach, 6th

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