Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking at Hastings

Continuing to explore ways of seeing, from the poets at the REC Teen Center and the second/third graders and fourth/fifth grade classes at the OUR Center.

Things and Looks in Hastings

Tall black and lanky,
look like Mr. Frankie,
Baller shot caller,
Don't need to get no taller.
Short flat and lax.
Rusty crusty and black,
Long wavy weave,
Nice shirts with cut-off sleeves,
White T's
Baggy jeans,
Brand new J's.
Boosie fade,
Show yo fame,
Long chain.
Snotty nose,
Dirty toes,
Filled diapers.
Too hyper.
No shoes,
Dropped out of school.

Jameka, 6th

5 Ways to Look at the Hastings Library

I see a big building full of books
I see a castle dipped in coquina rocks
I see a quiet place where I can focus on my book, The Touching Spirit Bear
I see kind staff talking nicely and encouraging others to read books


Five Ways to Look at Someone at Gamble Rogers

I see a big building
Children getting out of cars,
Science teachers talking about Mars.
Janitors cleaning the classrooms.
Ms Sandy using a broom
and the vacume go vroom vroom.
the fresh smell of the aiar
Kids fighting cause they don't care,
Ain't got no education.
We all can't be like Mrs Gordon
and go to graduation.
We ain't split like segregation,
We together like glue
and we don't follow the rules.
To survive you got to find the
Missing clues.


5 Ways of Looking at a Basketball

  1. Floating in the sky to the goal
  2. Nothing but net swish
  3. Bouncing in the air
  4. It make me happy
  5. 3 pointer


Ways to Look at a Mother

  1. I can see her blue light eyes
  2. I can see she's wearing glasses and reading a magazine
  3. I can see she's going to church on Sunday.
  4. I can see she's wearing a fancy hat.
  5. I can see she's singing in church.
  6. I can see she's clapping her hands.
  7. I can see she's praying in church.
  8. I can see she's crying in church.
  9. I can see she is making an announcement.
  10. She says black men and white men should get together. Don't fight.

Da'Miah, 4th

Eleven Ways to Look at Ms Crystal

  1. Ms Crystal is so cool.
  2. Ms Crystal has cute shoes.
  3. Ms Crystal hahs awesome clothes.
  4. Ms Crystal has awesome hair.
  5. Ms Crystal is an angel.
  6. Ms Crystal is skinny.
  7. Ms Crystal is always happy.
  8. Ms Crystal is a fun girl to be around.
  9. Ms Crystal is a smart person.
  10. Ms Crystal sees like a cheetah.
  11. Ms Crystal is perfect.

Kara, 4th

Five Ways to look at Hastings

  1. It's like a building in the sky
  2. It's like a tree in my backyard
  3. Where my house is
  4. Birds creep in my backyard
  5. It's like a school

Bryana, 3rd

5 Ways to look at Hastings

  1. Big and beautiful
  2. Has big roads
  3. Has a Dollar General
  4. It has a barber shop
  5. It has a gas station

Zachary, 3rd

5 ways to look at Hastings

  1. I see trees and leaves
  2. I see bacon and walls.
  3. I see four-wheelers and cars
  4. I see chicken barbeque
  5. I smell leaves and crocodille

Eric, 2nd

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5 things in hastings

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