Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Led by our hearts

We're going to be reading the work of Sandra Cisernos this week, including one of my favorites, "You Bring out the Mexican in me." Today the students read "Little Clown My Heart," by Cisneros and then wrote fabulous versions of their own.

I'm Feeling

My heart is like a mad tornado.
I am a wooshing waterfall, my heart.
Crazy kid bouncing off the wall, my heart.
Cute tiny cub
but most of all God controlling the world, my heart.
I'm snow melting,
my heart.

Ashlynn, 2nd

My Heart

I feel something down in my heart beating.
I feel something wiggling.
I hear creaking.
I hear yelling.
I hear cheaping.
I see footprints.
I see orange and yellow.
I see a beak.
I see little feet.
I hear crying.
I hear nothing.
I see something.
It's a baby chick
and it is so cute.

Teretha, 4th

Cowboy, my heart
Chicken, my heart
My heart dog my heart
Rainy day, my heart
Original Lays Potato Chips, my heart
SWAT team, my heart
Myself, my heart
My heart is outrageously crazy don't forget
crazy and don't forget
got my heart

Nathan, 3rd

Horseback riding
in sun, my heart
Coco puff
yuck, my heart
Banana tree
creepy as can
be, my heart
heavy saddle on
my back. Go stop
slow go again to
bla bla bla my heart.

Amber, 3rd

Chocolate, my heart
My heart, children run for chocolate ice cream,
My heart runs around my body
My heart begs for
chocolate snow
My heart desires for rain
with me in it,
My heart desires for a
chocolate blizzard

Zachary, 2nd

I am a depressed person and a tired person
like a sloth in a tree, my heart. Like an ant
on the ground, my heart. Like the squirrels
in a tree, my heart. Like an empty playground,
my heart. Like the leaves on the ground, my heart.
Like the lion sleeping in the tree, my heart. Like
the cheetah sneaking up on prey, my heart.

Hailey M., 3rd

My Heart

My heart, ripped like a piece of paper
My heart, is filled with oreos because
soon as I walk into the house
I am going to get some
oreos. My heart is like
my brain telling me what
to do. My heart is like
a cupcake hungry, my heart
is like the muffins
I ate this morning
My heart, fill my heart.
See my heart.

Janeshia, 4th

Mrs Perfect

Quiet and Sensitive, My heart
Hyper, My heart
Soft but hard, my heart
Gentle but loud, my heart
Big heart, my heart
My heart
My heart

That is my heart

McKenna, 5th

My Heart

Ring of fire, my heart
Cold day, my heart
Tasmanian devil, my heart
Drag racing car, my heart

Joseph, 3rd

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