Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am

My Describing

I am like
a wolf howling
for food warning
the people I am
coming for them
I am like a
rose red
as a cherry. I am
like a rainbow fish
with lots of colors
I am like a rainbow
with lots of colors
I am not like a table
dull and boring. I am not
like bag full of heavy things
going in the trunk.

Amber, 3rd

Who I am

I'm a red rose
I'm like the red hot sun.
Icing on a cake.
I'm like soup hot and I mean hot and boiling.
I am like a clock ticking.
I'm like a blue girl falling from the sky,
Like a book waiting to be read.
A bee loving honey.
A ponytail in some body's hair.

Ashlynn, 2nd

Where I'm from Who I am and What I want to be

And Who I am

Where I'm from heads koncking
boys cheating on girls cheating boys
And they are still kissing but what I want
to be is a nice person like
Ms Kim like she got Yue Yue
they are two nice people
And I hope Yue Yue
grow up and be like Ms Kim
Who I am is a heart
a diamond a star that shine
in the sky a heart that is
big and red

Janeshia, 4th

I am the

I am the cold bresa in the
wind. I am the horse that gallups in
the moon light. I am the rough sand
under your feet. I am the cold
rain in your hair. I am the fish
that swims in the ocean. am the
leaves that blow in wind. I am the trees
that bruises on my house. I am
the tear on your face.

Hailey M, 3rd

Who I am

I am a star glistening in night. I am a tree
standing in the sun. I am a mean tiger in the
jungle. I am a playground for kids to run
and play on. I am a dog barking into the night
I am a warrior fighting in war.

Nathan, 3rd

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