Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where We're From

Lots of new poems on the way from new students as well as our seasoned poets from last year, some of whom are now middle schoolers. Liz Robbins and I are working on finalizing a collection of the work they produced last year, but for now we're writing new poems based on the theme of Where We're From, and hopefully we'll be able to produce a new collection next year. (I'll post news on how to order the book as soon as we have one!). We'll start by studying the work of poet Willie Perdomo because I think that the kids will enjoy his use of language, which is packed with sophisticated metaphor, great descriptions of Spanish Harlem and an obvious love for his community.

Here are some great poems from second, third and fourth graders. We spent a few days talking about images and using Magnetic Poetry tiles and then, they were off on their own, "building" poems, as one third grader, Tyler, said.

I Had a Dog Named Clipsey

I always see mhy backyard swamp
and sometimes I see the
alligator. I always smell swamp water.
I always feel trees. I always see my
cats and dogs and one of my dogs
ran away and her name is Clipsey.
And I see these outdoor cats
They all look like one is gold cat,
white and black cat, black cat, brown cat
gray cat and black.

Zachary, 2nd

My Street

Noisy cars driving by
laughter by children
birds sing along
barking dogs everywhere
kids playing man hunt
and the sweet air breeze.

Prescious, 4th

Old house, Old people, Houses in woods
carnivals, nice people, lots of houses. Lots
of my cousins. My friends and we
get a chilly cup, lots of songs
and dance on the street

Isis, 4th

My Street I Like

Gun shots from bad people
I smell dirt, like worms and bugs
I see kids jumping on a trampoline
I'm sitting in my rocking chair
thinking about jumping.

Ashlynn, 2nd

I walk down my
street and I see
All my friends
And they just
started walking with me
And we see people
We don't even know
and we say hi so
we go and talk to them
and have

Ja'Neshia, 4th

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