Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Street Rap

Modeling Willie Perdomo's "123rd Street Rap," students wrote poems that take us into their neighborhoods. For an added challenge, they experimented with Perdomo's rhyming scheme.

Woodland Point

A day in Woodland Point Apartments
goes a little something like this:

Little kids running from step to step

A lady coming down steps with baby in
her hand running from her boyfriend yelling
help help

Thugs knocking down house doors trying to get
little snacks and collapsing over racks.

If you were smart and came outside
they would jump on you and pick over your backpack.

Turtles swimming in the pond
boys trying to bond.

Four-wheelers and dirtbikes riding in dirt
loud birds with their chirps

Basketballs bouncing and bouncing all night
Little boys and little girls about to street fight.

Tyron, 7th grade

Washington Street Rap

Boys selling reefer
and dope
even though they're
the same thing,

girls fighting over boys,
boys fighting over girls

and people stealing from the dollar store.

Grandmas say
shut your mouth
with your slang talking.

It's all crazy.
I'm going to stop it all.

Janeshia, 4th

Zigler Street Rap

My life on Zigler Street
and it goes a little something
like this....

It's a dog
eat dog world
people say

You see the
rusty swingset

As you walk
or ride up my street

There are very little people
to meet

I come home
on a windy day

I see all the
dead objects
in the way

People new
will feel

When like me
their life
starts on
Zigler Street

Martyn, 6th

Living on my Street

This world so cruel sit outside
while time pass me by
why so many people have to
die, you see people come and
go not knowing who to trust
and who to let go. Sometime
I just sit back and call on
god asking him to protect me
against the odds. My neighborhood
is so quiet only on the weekdays
by the weekend the kids like to come
to my house to play
i really like the place I live I thank god
for my sweet crib.

Ms Singleton

On Washington Street, there's
nothing but drunkies.
They swing around like old
They stay drunk
they like to argue when they
play trunk
There's food and
fun at my house and
people running and laughing.

Jameka, 6th

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