Sunday, September 28, 2008


My grandparents

My grampa hung his self and
my gramma died when
my dad was 14 and my
other grampa is alive but I have never seen him
because my mom has never seen him because
she was in a foster home anyways my mom
got his phone number one day
and he was realy nasty to
her and my other gramma's nice and she has a
little trailer and I don't like talking about
them and I feel bad that I can't see
my gramma and grampa and my other granmpa.

Joseph, 3rd

Gramma Harriet Freeman

Gramma Harriet she is nice
but sometimes
she be mean to my brother. And
when she be cooking
he always bother her when she be cooking
she has to stop and hold him and he be crying
andn sometimes he bite her and my gramma whoop him.
And sometimes she send him to my aunt.
And my gramma bake cakes and cupcakes. She can
bake anything. One time she bake cup cakes
for my birthday and she said she baking me a cake
for my birthday this year. My gramma's nice. She give
me monehy when I need it and she comes
to my school for grandparents' day.
She is nice and I love her.

Teretha, 4th

My Pawpaw that Past Away

My pawpaw that past away he always called
me pain in the butt. My pawpaw always took chocolate
away from me because he liked chocolate. I always
remember my pawpaw when he took my chocolate.

Zachary, 3rd


My homma is so sweet
she shared a house with me
when I was in need.
She is a very nice lady.
Every time I go outside
and come back in,
there's always something on the
table. Spaghetti or steak.
We call her homma because my
little brother couldn't say gramma.

Ashlynn, 2nd

My gramma and my bobo

My gramma she pays for
our home. And she gives me
money when I do something for
her. And my bobo he pays for
our home too. And he goes to work
all day. And he is big really big.
And my bobo helps me mow the lawn.
And my gramma wears a crown.

Michael, 2nd

My grandmother

My granma is the best even though
she says cursewords. I still love her
and she cooks the best brownies and
I like the food that she makes it is
the most perfecto food I have ever tasted.

Jasmine, 4th

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