Monday, June 9, 2008

End of a fabulous year

We've come to the end of a year of writing poetry here at Juice up the True Say. I asked the kids what they thought of poetry before we began this class. Janeshia wrote, "One hot day some lady came to REC and was talking about poetry and everyone was like, What is poetry? and she said it's to write poems and we said, "Wow."

From McKenna:

What I thought poetry was,
was nothing.

I thought poems were just Roses
are red, Violets are blue poems.

The first day I came to REC
was the first day I made a poem

I learned that poems don't have
to rhyme and that poems
don't have to be true or make believe.

Kids, You all are the best. I'm going to miss ya'll something fierce this summer!

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