Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Above, Janeshia, Kevis, Jameka
We have big news. Liz Robbins, poet and Flagler College English professor, has been awarded a Schultz Foundation grant. And what did she choose to do with those funds? Well she's going to be here in Hastings for the entire month of May volunteering her time teaching poetry workshops to the teenagers and elementary children at the center. She's set aside some of the funds to help Juice up the True Say publish a collection of our poems. Also, Liz will be writing her own poems about Hastings and as part of this project gave disposable cameras to the kids yesterday. We'll develop them and write about those pictures, of course. May is going to be a busy month here at the OUR Center in Hastings. Poetry everywhere.
Before the kids knew they were going to receive their own cameras, I had them write a poem with this prompt: "If I had a camera..."

My Family Photograph that Disappeared

If I had a camera I would take
pictures with my mom and dad
Because the last time I took
a picture with my mom and dad
together was when I was a baby.
I wish that we could all be
a big family again. I know that
things like that happen and you
just have to live with it.

Jameka, 5th

If I had a camera
I would take a picture
of my familyand friends and
hens eating in
pens at a
farm but Iwouldn't take
pictures of a bear
when their brown
hair rises on their back.

Matthew, 4th

I would take a picture of
my mom and family then
I would take a picture
of the biggest waterfall ever.
I wouldn't take a picture of
Michael because he gets on my
nerves at home.

Bryanna, 5th

If I had a camera I would
take pictures of animals,
people, the good breeze
outside. A baby.
A real heart.

Janeshia, 3rd

Mad or Sad

I would take
a picture of
me doing fun
things like
play games
maybe some
bad times some
sad time some
of the fame
some of the shame
when we called someone a name
this is like the same.
I will not take pictures of
me when I am mad
or sad
Just one when
I am glad.

Jontae, 4th

I would take pictures of myself
if I had a camera.
I would take pictures of my family
but these things I would not
take a picture of
A house.
Trevis, 5th

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