Saturday, May 31, 2008

A hundred years ago in Hastings....

Dr. Liz Robbins visited this week while I was in Delaware searching for lightships and horseshoe crabs. As a recipient of a Schultz Foundation grant, Ms. Liz, Flagler College English professor, is working on a special poetry project about Hastings. (We're looking forward to that chapbook!) She's also going to help us fund a publication of Juice up the True Say poems. We are so thankful for her generosity.
Ms. Liz showed the kids photographs from the 1880s and shared a bit of her research about the town. Here are the poems the kids wrote about what it would have been like to live in Hastings so many years ago:

100 Years Ago

Back in the hundred days
I would have drove me a horse
around and tried to find Jacksonville
If I was back in the country
days, I would have tried
to invent the fancier cars
Back in the day
it was weird. People used to
cut off their toes
in the cabbage fields
Trevis, 5th

If it was back in the day,
I would be just like Rosa Parks
I would follow my own
mind and my own heart
Like Martin Luther King
I would never fail
Even if it meant being lonely
in a sail
Give it all you've got
Never lose your spot
and stay on top
Never change what you say
Just bow your head and pray
Your pain will go away

Jameka, 5th

The Wright brothers
gave us a plan
to fly from here
to Spain
They were right
Now we have
a way from here
to Japan
Here and there
Now why were they
just in the air
for 12 seconds
Jontae, 4th

If some people have a job
it would in the potato field
If I was a horse, I would be
going on a long journey
If I was the person
who owned the TV, I would
go crazy
People over here
People over there
Some women didn't have
any clothes
They just have to stay
in the house until
they get some
If you go to the movies,
you would shut up

Janeshia, 3rd


I see a horse walking
through a hard road and it having
a problem walking
The sea look as clear as
The clear blue sky
Also the horse looks just
like a black stallion
Raynard, 4th


If I had to live a 100
years ago, I would not
like it because it is not
a lot of jobs
you had to ride a horse
and my mom
don't like horses
Bryanna, 5th

I would not like to live
back in the day
They did not have a job
no money no car no house



Joshua, 4th

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