Friday, May 16, 2008

Exploring Soul

My soul is yellow because I
Try to stay happy all the time
My soul smells like fresh
Crabs with hot butter and a
New car smell
My soul feels like a new BMW without
A top on it, just let your hair blow.
My soul tastes like ribs
It got a barbecue taste
Nobody can take my soul away
From me because I got pride in myself
Nobody can take my soul
From me. I am not on this world
To impress anybody but God.

Bryanna, 5th

My soul is as soft as a kitten
My soul is nice and clean
My soul is shy
My soul is quiet and calm sometimes
My soul tastes like cotton candy and chocolate
My soul is the color sky blue
My soul is brave at times
My soul makes no sounds
My sould can’t be broken because it is can’t even be seen
though my soul is senstive
My soul is as smart as can be
My soul is as hard as a snail shell
My soul is like a cheetah when it runs

McKenna, 4th

I stay, You go

If somebody took my body
My spirit will
Stay all the time. It will
Stay just like my rhyme.
Time time on the clock
Is how that old rocking chair
Rocks me
I would stay if it was you. I would
Just stay away
What would be left is my soul
It is like gold
It sounds like broadway soul.
Jontae, 5th

The life of my soul

Without my soul,
I feel like a day
When I left my homework at home
And I had to look forward to
Ms Brooks sitting me down
On the bench.
My soul is like
A key to a box
Of gold,
My soul is the color
Of a hot melted flavor
Of brown hot chocolate.
Jameka, 5th

My Soul

Pink-black. The reason I said
Pink-black because one side is
Bright and happy and the other side is black sad. The pink side
Is going to make me a better person and
The other side just makes tears roll down my face.
The pink side smells like cookies coming out of
The oven and the black side smell black licorice. And no
One can take my soul away because
My soul is apart of me like taking my soul away is jus tlike
Taking half of my body, my life
My courage.

Kenisa, 5th

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somepinkflowers said...

i read
your poems
my soul
as the grand canyon
on its best day


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