Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Writing Outdoors

More found poems from the playground:

Write, write, write

Crunchy grass dirty grounds
shiny cars new and clean plain
dirt nothing to do just
write write write but you feel
the air blow you off the swings
you feel very light off the ground

Bryanna, 5th

In the Wilderness

Running webs nowhere to go
hand cuffs on poles
steering wheels on bars
and empty cars,
chipped goals empty poles, running
in place grass on your face.
grass on your chest looking a mess
Where are you? You're in the wilderness.

Jameka, 5th

I see the sun this is no fun I wish
I could run run from here. I hate this
so much I just saw a tear I am here.
Ms Kim is here the grass is green I am feeling
steam, no I feel so mean.

Jontae, 5th

Long blue swings

Long blue swings
the bird flaps its wings
while the lonely swing goes back
and forth, with the grass
I shuffle my feet.
The grass so plain, I'm in vain
as the wind blows away.

McKenna, 5th

The trees are moving in waves,
The swings are moving
back to back.

The trees are as green
as a piece of broccoli.

The dark screen of the TV is black.

The fishes are the color of a rainbow.

Mrs Lady of Liberty holds a book of Justice in her
right hand.

The shelf of books are full.

The TV has a lot of wires and cords.

Raynard, 5th

I see

I see the nice breeze
and I see the shapes in
the clouds. I see the
flower. I fee the sun
on my skin. I see trees
I see children running
around. I see a water fountain.
A empty car no one here.

Janeshia, 3rd.

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