Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An eye with magical powers

What if we had a third eye -- an eye that sees what our regular pair of eyes can not see -- what would it see?


If I had an eye that
you can't see
It would see a whooping coming
for me
and a crazy man doing a catwalk.

Joshua, 4th

My Eyes

My tenth eye can see a pancake
My 100th eye can see big money
My third eye can see fishes jumping
on me. And now I can see you.

Ranesha, 4th

Go to the Beach, Third Eye

Jupiter, Saturn and more
It can see me sleep
It can't see me do my homework.
I'm glad it can't see my homework
because if I get a question
wrong he going to be like
what did you do to get that question wrong?
But sometimes I think the third eye needs to go to sleep
and give me a break and later
my third eye will wake up
and need to go to the beach.

Bryanna, 5th

My Third Eye Sees Everything

My third eye can see fifty
people die in one day. My
third eye can see little kids fighting.
My third eye can see football games
in different states. My third
eye can see the moon from my room.
My third eye needs to rest. He's been awake
for 19 hours. Now it is time to sleep.

My third eye would like to see Japan
in a blink of an eye.

My third eye can see Hong Kong.
My third eye can see into the future
and knows he can sleep
and no one knows.

Enrique, 5th

The Third Eye

My third eye can see Pluto
My third eye can see New York galaxy.
My third eye can see god.
My third eye can see Thomas Jefferson when he was 18.
My third eye can see John F. Kennedy when he was 12.
My third eye can see classic famous poems.

Zachery, 5th

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these are wonderful poems!
come see us for
poetry books
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a librarian
who thinks you guys are special, for sure.