Thursday, March 13, 2008

Writing about Writing

A collaborative poem from the group:

Writing poetry makes me feel like a famous person playing a banjo with country music mix together with rap and hip-hop,
Writing poetry makes me feel happy that things come
through my mind,
Writing poetry makes me feel very happy inside my brain,
Writing poetry is like putting all the things that you like, or things that happened to you on one piece of paper,
Writing poems make me feel like I'm in heaven but whiter and funner
When I write poetry I feel like I'm writing mix words and trying to explore stuff
Writing poetry is like playing drums and a guitar
What do you think poetry mean?

When I write

When I write I think about love
and how girls get their heart broke
each and every day
So I like writing about love.
Love makes me feel better,
So that's why I love love.
Love make you feel great
if you don't get your heart
broken you feel like you
lost your heart you feel life
you don't have a heart.

Janeshia, 3rd

My Best Poem

My flood poem. I thought about how floods look
how floods sound and what kind of damage
could occur in a flood. My grandmother poem
I wrote about was one of my top 5 poems. When I
was writing it I thought about how she cook her chicken
and rice and how she cook those delicious greens and
hogmogs. And her corn bread. Every Christmas I used to
come over to her house and eat her red velvet cake and
chocolate cake.

Trevis, 5th

My favorite poem

My favorite poem is my poem
about TEAL. Teal is a person
who doesn't do her work and she
has long brown hair in pigtails. She
has fits all the time and she only has a teal shirt,
teal pants, teal shoes, teal socks, too that she wears
everyday. That is TEAL my favorite poem.

McKenna, 4th

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