Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pictures of Numbers

The students met Boudou Fountana, a character in my friend John Dufresne's novel, Deep in the Shade of Paradise. We read the scene from the novel where Royce Birdsong, a man who can't remember things anymore, and Boudou, a boy who sees everything, talk.

Says Royce: "Some days I can see clearly -- the details, the colors, all in focus. Some days the world is gray and blurred, and if something doesn't move, I can't see it. Sometimes I'm in the light, sometimes in teh shadow."

"Me, too. My senses are all scrambled."

"How so?" I see colors of sounds, shapes of smells, pictures of numbers."

"Like number one is a flagpole; five is down and around and a hat on top?"

"One is a man who lives alone, wears overalls and a straw Stetson. Eighty-two is a white feather quill. One thougsand two hundred and fifty-six is the man in the overalls and his four brothers are having friends over to a party. There's a big pig roasting on a spit in the yard, a raggedy black dog under the porch."

"How do you do that?"

"You can do the same. You can close your eyes and see, right? Or look at a book and see marks and lines, dots, squiggle, but hear a voice. Put your hands on the wall you can feel them talking downstairs. If you see someone eat a lemon, you taste its sourness, you pucker up. You taste with your eyes."


The number 27 is annoying and

it is red and it can talk and

I am about to be 27 years old

My sister is 27 years old. The number

27 is getting old.

Ranesha, 4th


# 2 and #7

always beat and fight

so 28 the mommy

and 29 the daddy

always say stop it

you two the 28 mommy

say you two you better

go up the stairs

and 27, 28 and 29 lived

happily ever after.

Bryanna, 5th

250 always

be talking on

the cellphone talking

to her friend 632

and 25. One day

250's mom said

you is going to

get a ear infection

with that Verizon cellphone

so put it down

and go up to your

dirty room and

clean it up today.

Bryanna, 5th


6 is small and her favorite

number is 6

She only has 6 jackets, 6 shirts,

6 socks, 6 shoes and 6 pants.

Then comes 15.

15 is nine years older than 6.

15 is so nice and sweet and

so very smart I wish she

were here.

Last but not least comes 51

51 is 15 backwards.

51 is mean and not sweet and

is so not smart.

Being brother and sister in

all I don't know how 15 is

smarter than 51.

McKenna, 4th

27 sounds like it lives

in the projects and it sounds

like it ride on 24 with the doors

open money falling on the floor

Trevis, 5th

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