Saturday, February 23, 2008

If we weren't here.........

Class took a philosophical turn this week when Ms. Talecia told us about a time she almost died in a car accident. We discussed what life might be like -- if something had happened to us earlier in our lives -- to keep us from Hastings today and our poetry class.

Where would we be, if we weren't here?

Life upside down

If I wasn't here I think my mom would have
had a better life. She would have a better house
on a better dream. When my sisters and brothers
was born more and more money came out her
pocket. When I was born her life turn up
side down

Jontae, 4th

Why am I me?

If I was
not me
I would
live in a tree
My mom
or Dad
would not have me.
So if
I was not
me I would
not see
so you can't
beat me.
So if I was
not me I
would live
in a tree.

Janeshia, 3rd

If I wasn't here today
my mom will only have one
child my mom life will be
different because when I was
born my mom life change in
So many ways. Now my mom
Life is so different with me the
spoiled child me Bryanna.

Bryanna, 5th

If I weren't here, I'd be
in Paris.
If I weren't me, I'd be
different, I'd be a person with long black
hair and freckles and long nails.
If I were in Paris, I'd look at
all the famous sites and eat the
famous foods and sleep
in the softest beds.

McKenna, 4th

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