Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Writing about Photographs

I want to go to that place to see how the water is going
And taste the water
And feel the water
If it is cold or hot
And swim in the cracks
See if sharks is swimming in there
And fishes in there
Swimming all around

by Ranesha, 4th

Cinnamon Listerine

There is a place where
I've never been before
I want to go there but
My parents won't let me
They say I might get hurt there
And I don't want to get hurt. I might
make the water wake
up if I ever tasted it. It
will be growing. It might be
a salt water ocean
that got frozen up with
my listerine mouth that
taste like mint so I better
not go there with cinnamon
listerine or if might melt

By Bryanna, 5th

Photograph by Don Bullens, winner of the Flickr Photo Contest.

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