Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I see an old man's life.
He is sitting on a
bench by himself.
He is my dream,
all day and everyday.

So he is sitting,
then he saw this man
playing golf so he
said, Can I play?
Then he said yes
so then they followed
the ball
then finally the ball went in.
Then the man said, Finally
I got something to do with my life.
I can play golf instead of doing nothing.

By Janeshia, 3rd
Old man
I am an old man
I wish I had a cane
I wish I had a plan
I wish I had a train to ride on to Spain
I wish I had my dog to protect the old home
But when I wish I feel alone
Trevis, 5th
I'm an old greasy man
on the corner doing the thing
everyday like a recorded tape
Jameka, 5th
Photograph: Rostos de / Faces of Portugal by Rui Farinha

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Rosalinda said...

Like so many of the poems by the children, this one hits home to an adult.

Great work here!