Friday, December 21, 2007


A Collaborative poem from the group

I remember that I lived in New Jersey
I remember when my nail came off
I remember when I first met you
you reminded me of my unicorn
I remember when I first saw you
you reminded me of my buttered popcorn
I remember the day I broke my tiny little leg
I remember when I wiped out
on my skateboard and tore it up;
I remember when I thought my
favorite skater had died, but it was
a coma he was in. I remember when
I almost hit my head on a pole
when I was riding my bike
I remember when me and my friend was
on the dirt bike and he fell off
and knocked his neck loose
I remember happiness and joy
I remember when I got in the tub with a diaper on

By Marlon, Bryanna Joshua, Jameka, Johntae, Shakira, Amy

What You and I Did

Remember when you hit me upside the head?
I felt like hitting you back,
But I did not. I calmed down.

Remember when I did my first back flip?
I felt like doing it again.

Remember when I ran my first touchdown?
I felt like getting one more time.


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