Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hope, As the World is a Scorpion Fish

Thursday, we're looking forward to a visit from Liz Robbins, assistant professor of English and creative writing at Flagler College. Liz's poems have appeared in Calyx, The Chattahoochee Review, Feminist Studies, Natural Bridge, Pebble Lake Review, RATTLE, RHINO, and The William and Mary Review. Her debut collection, Hope, As the World Is a Scorpion Fish, is forthcoming from The Backwaters Press in Fall, 2007.

In anticipation of her afternoon with us, we discussed the intriguing title of her new collection and I asked the students to write a poem about what the title made them think about, or what they believe the collection of poems might be about. Our approach to this assignment was similiar to the way we wrote poems while listening to Coltrane and Duke Ellington, Madredeus and the Tom Tom Club. I wrote "Hope, As the World is a Scorpion Fish" on the board. The students wrote it in their journals and we repeated it over and over, letting the words and its impression soak in. Here are the poems:

By Trevis:

A scorpion is
something that you
Don't want to be around
especially when it jumps out of
water and slams you on the ground
it feels like a scorpion

It means like it feels easy like
a fish swimming in the sea when you're
doing good in life but when you get in
trouble and go to jail it stings like a

By Janesha:

Scorpion Fish

A fish that
sting in the
bling. Bring
ching ching
fly and sting
is the water
where is your

Have some fun Don't you
dare get a gun
Stay away
You want to get
So stay

By Shakira:

She thinks that everything
in the word is a scorpion
fish. It's like she's hoping that
the world is a scorpion fish,
A scorpion fish may look
like a horse fish. Maybe
the titles are different titles
like sad, happy scorpion fish.

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