Friday, November 16, 2007

Writing to Music

Listening to Coltrane's "Blue Train"

By Jontae:

baby back boo

Boo boo the song makes me feel blue
now I just told you. Two two of me
like a cool blue sea like Jack
a good old snack the song fills
me up like hot chocolate in a cup
drink me drink me don't this song make
you fill like drinking some green tea?

By Bryanna:

Fancy Restaurant

I feel like I'm walking through
a fancy restaurant and the
jazz players are tap and
rocking side to side
I'm enjoying while I'm tapping my
feet to the
beat and music.
I think the restaurant
is glowing and sparkling
and all the customers
are rocking side to side
while the waiters are
tapping their feet to the
music. I think
it is a very great day too.

By Shakira:

Dance swing
play instruments, drinking, eating
maybe the end of a wedding

maybe a grandpa getting down
maybe people kissing
people putting on makeup
getting drunk. smoking outside
dancing their way outside

By Jameka:

Dancing with the Flow

I can see people dancing with
the flow of music flying in
circles very gently and soft
everyone is hoping that the music
never stops.

By Charish:

I imagine a band playing
music singing and dancing
people dancing to a happy
ending from a bad story

By Kelsie:

It sounds like it is raining
And someone is staring
In the window wishing they
Can go play outside

Listening to Madredeus, a musical group from Portugal

By Jameka:

Feeling the Rhythm

I can see people closing their
eyes and listening to the rhythm
sway away in air when
they open their eyes it's still

By Charish:

Listen and Imagine:

I'm listening to music and
it sounds like it is raining
and a ballerina is
dancing gently in the rain
while people pass by she's
still dancing peaceful and
gently in the rain

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