Sunday, November 11, 2007

Poets Can Fly

One windy afternoon, we watched a helium birthday balloon make its way over the pine trees of Hastings. It climbed into the clouds and then its silver and green shine disappeared. Where is that balloon now, and on its flight, what did it see?

Watch Jontae and Trevis defy gravity in the video below.

What is it like to soar and flip in the air?

By Trevis:

Clouds and Air

I wonder what it feels like to be in the air I wish I can go on
a ride in the air, I wish I could touch the clouds. When
I was little, I always wanted to take a piece of
a cloud put it in a jar. When I was little I thought
I could hit the cloud with a rock and I thought
I could lay on a cloud until I saw an airplane
go through the clouds.

By Jontae:

He is Amazing

I wish I could fly in the sky in the air
Like I just don't care and I wish i didn't
tear a piece of skin and now in the sky
with my friend. When I am in the air
I am not so scared but I jump and
I just flip in the air I can be what
I want to be if I work hard at it
I will be where I want to be

Boy, Hurry Up

Like tiny thousand whispers fall run boy have
your fun now fly fly man leave me alone
and now stay home

By Ranesa:

The Song of the Five Balloons

Five balloons fly on the air
Fly fly fly in the sky
Go balloon go
Go fly in the sky
with your friends
you left me behind

By Shakira:

If I could fly, I would see
airplanes, birds, trees, houses.
I would feel so good
and the wind blowing through our hair
I would act like I'm flying in a movie
I would fly all over to
New York and see my friends
and have fun.

By Cherish:

If I could fly I would be scared
I would feel that I am going to drop
but if I was a bird
I would not care
I would glide in the air with my wings
I wish I could fly

By Joshua:

If I could jump high I would
be a NBA player I will dunk
all over them. I'll be on the Miami
Heat. They always win their game.
Cause they got Dwayne Wade

By Bryanna:

If I could fly I will see
the whole world and everyplace
store cat dogs and more
The cold wind blowing through
my hair it feels so good
that I would break my neck
by that I mean the wind will be so fast
and I will be so high that
I will be high that
I will look like giraffes

By Janesha:

Slide and Mine

Juice in see the egg only
Sleep so so come on and
Cheat I watch TV less than
me in the sea so you can't see
me fly in the sky so
cheat and give so slide
and slide with a hair
like mine


towndog said...

Hey quit flipping backwards nobody can do that I know Towndog can't be doing that mess.
I have never known a tumbling poet before. awesome

Jim Wilson said...

Backflipping and writing? Perfect!