Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Pictured above, Janesha

Collaborative Poems
In the first poem, each student wrote a wish, the first being as crazy as they wanted. The second effort had rules made up by the students themselves. The line had to begin with "I wish," and also include food and a type of clothing. The titles were yet another collaborative effort.

I Wish I Was Rich in a Japanese Restaurant

I wish I was rich and a rapper
I wish when I grow up I will be a photographer
I wish when I grow up I will work at a Japanese restaurant
I wish I was spoiled
I wish I was a millionaire with a four-story mansion
I wish a tree was made of honey
I wish we could use a cell phone so we can text people
I wish I was rich and a basketball player
I wish I had the millionaire cat that is famous and not scared of anything
I wish I was fifteen and out of Hastings and gone to a different phase of dead
I wish for a dirt bike
I wish I had a beautiful kimono from Japan

My Baby Phat Apple Bottoms Roca Wear Munky Wish

I wish I was a piece of gum so people can eat me
I wish my shirt was a butter bean
I wish I was mac and greens and Apple Bottoms
I wish that I could have a big juicy hamburger
I wish that I could live on chicken nuggets and have a yucatta from Japan
I wish my broccoli turned into my socks
I wish that chicken looked like a shirt
I wish I had some meat loaf or some Baby Phat
I wish my sandwich had on a Roca Wear outfit
I wish I had shoes made out of mash taters
I wish I was eating fried chicken while wearing my Drunkn Munkys
I wish my house was covered with mac and cheese

By Janesha:


I wish I was pink and a dog and a panther
Blue shoe flies in the sky like a dolphin
And I so so wish I was on the cheer leading team
I wish I was great at all of it


I will run pretty fast for her
so we can have a Halloween nice great time
me and Ms Kim was life and lime be a scout
and nice and fine so shine like V and tine

By Ranesha:

I wish I had a four wheeler
and a dirt bike.
And I wish I had Ms Brooks
so she can do my homework
and cook and clean.
By Kelsie:
I wish I had a chicken
and my chicken was all different colors
like all the colors of the world
I wish I lived by myself
and I oculd do anything
I want in my four-story house


Towndog said...

Janesha I am from Philly where's it's chilly your stuff is so good I am very impressed. keep it up

Jim Wilson said...

"I wish my broccoli turned into my socks" Me, too. I wouldn't have to eat it then.