Wednesday, October 3, 2007

After reading "Lineage" by Margaret Walker, the students wrote poems about their grandparents.

By Jontae:

I Miss Her

My grandmother was a nice old lady
Every Sunday she would cook and she could cook
Some good candy jams and sweet corn
a little bit of sweet potato pie
Boy, that was two months before my birthday that she passed.
I was 8 years old. I still remember her.
No one can replace her in my mind.
Now this is a story I told you. Now that's it.

By Bryanna:

My Grandmother

My grandmother is sweet and kind
she always cook when I go to her house
she always have a hot pot of food on the table
she have chicken, greens, mac and cheese, rice with lime a beans,
and me some hot sauce with a soda on the side
that's the best eatting ever
My grandmother is sweet and kind

My Granddaddy

My granddaddy is nicer than a sack of peanuts
he always remember your birthday
he will always check on you when you are sick
and he will always give you some gum
that will get you a cavity
that my mother have to pay for
but he is the best granddaddy I ever saw.

By Amy:

My grandma is so nice and sweet
that she baked some cookies.
Boy them cookies are so good.

By Shakira:

I call my grandma Ole May.
The thing she told me
is to always go to church
and never do bad things in your life
or you will shoot your days.
Then she gave me a hug.

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Jim Wilson said...

Good poems! They make me remember my grandpa and grandma and the nice things they did for me. Thanks for sharing your poems.