Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things We Fear

By Jontae:

I am not afraid because
I am born and raised on the playground
where I spend most of my days
At night I feed my dogs
sometime at 1 a.m.
now that's why I'm not scared.

By Shakira:

I am Afraid of Spooky Halloween

I am going to tell what
my teacher told me.
When my teacher was little
there was a nice man
and he built his self
up like a scare crow
and he had a sign
that say Get how much
you want. If you stick your hand
in the bowl he would scare you
and my teacher wet
her pants.

By Jameka:

I'm not afraid because nothing
Can hurt you unless you
are scared of it
and then it will get you
but if you're not
you don't have to worry.

By Joshua:

I am afraid of snakes
because they have sharp tongues
That's what scares me.

By Kevis:

I am afraid of killers killing me
But I will run away before they can catch me

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