Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Dreams

By Jontae:

Burger King

I had a dream that I was another side's king
It was not scary, but then I heard a phone ring.
I said be quiet and a girl started to sing.
Then a boy came and said what did you bring? Go away.
Then I woke up at Burger King.

By Rachael:

My Dream

I dream of the sky brighter than blue
I dream of trees darker than dark, greener than green
I dream of sixth graders looking and big kids taller than tall
I dream I dream

I dream of Dylan the monster
and Cherish singing and seconds of the singing,
Dylan the monster dying.

By Raynard:

Don't Sleep by the Edge

Don't sleep by the edge.
Ghost and goblins will come for you.
I wouldn't want to be you
If I was sleeping by the edge
If I was you I would sleep with my mom and dad.
And remember,
Stay away from the edge.

By Kelsie:

My Dream

One night I dreamed of me
getting out of this bus
and I got dropped off at this lady's house,
but it was this Japanese house
and the house was a four-story house
So the lady said come in, so I did.
I said, Can I look around?
And she said, why yes.
In this one room,
She made books for stairs
So I tried to walk up the stairs
made out of books
but I couldn't
So I went back down the book stairs.
As I was walking for the door knob,
She appeared in front of me
and it was like a ghost.
So she said you can go,
but next time ask.

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Towndog said...

You are funny and that takes brains