Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Boy Behind Juice Up the True Say

Joshua reads his poem, "Seaweed Trees."

Magnetic Poetry is a great way to introduce kids to the process of writing poems. During our first day together, the giant pile of words on the table soon became long snaking sentences . We broke them into shorter, more manageable stanzas. Soon, they had their own poems to add to their journals. When we saw the poetry the kids were writing -- with and without MP -- we knew a blog would be an excellent way for them to see their work in print.
There are always a few sentences or parts of poems going on the magnetic board board and everyone is invited to join in these works-in-progress. One afternoon, Joshua put the finishing touches to one of these on-going poems with the phrase: "Juice up the true say."
"Juice up the true say?" we asked.
"You know, cough up the truth," Joshua said.
Well, that summed it up. After all, isn't truth-telling the goal of all good writing? Cough up that truth.

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Towndog said...

Kick the real-Juice Up the True Say-I am stealing that phrase and putting it on a tee shirt to give to my grandmom for Christmas