Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am

Pictured above: Trevis, Ranesha and Raynard

Today, the kids scribbled on paper, then passed the messy drawing to the student seated next to them. Like looking for figures in clouds, the students were asked to find objects in the tangle of lines. They saw rain drops, volcanoes, waves, the number 3, rocks.

By Trevis:


I am a slippery drop of water
and I am flowing through the clouds
Now, I'm flowing through the sky
Plip. Now I hit the ground.

Rolling down the sidewalk
Plip drop Plip drop
Now a whole bunch of rain drops fall like ice.
The water, getting higher higher higher and higher.
Now, you can see water crossing fences.
If you were here, you would be dead.
Now, the next day the sun evaporated
Now, I'm back in the clouds.

By Raynard:


I am a rock
A rock so dark
Dark as the sky
I can't move.

By Joshua:
I am a wave and when you see me
you will float back to sea.
I am clear as a diamond.
I am a sea
as green as a seaweed tree
floating in the ocean sea.

By Ranesha:
I am the number three
I am the number after two
I am on the number line
I got a cousin that three
She look like a he.

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