Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Poems Created with Magnetic Poetry

Getting started with Magnetic Poetry

By Jameka:

Please stop the true vision of love.
Would delicate honey never have chocolate
in the pound?
You must tell the next man to stop and think
and do the right thing.
whisper to the sky and have a blow above the moon.

One chocolate honey light
Pink bitter dream
like moments of sadness over her cry

By Trevis:

Spring Day
Wet cool enormous pole
with pink white fingers like ships.
I stare out, a light crushed
on spring day

Good Things and Bad Things

Spray shine in cool winter music
bitter juice
a death flood beneath time
sweet soar
pink milk

Smooth Things

Your smooth chocolate, frantically lather
Blue skin shadow.
Her moment shot by full play
and weak cool peach water.

By Ranesha, Amy, Janeisha and Shakira:

Delirious music girl
like our summer garden symphony
like death shadow
the rain
chocolate sun
bitter cry

Gorgeous purple diamonds
worship the spring time shadow
Eternity sleep near the moment

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