Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet our New Teachers

Above, Chenelle, a Flagler College sophomore, working with fourth and fifth graders at the OUR Center.

Mollie, a Flagler sophomore working with second and third graders at the OUR Center.

Above, Alan with Maleek, Josh, Marlon at the St. Johns County Teen REC Center.

Seventh grader Maleek reads:

This summer semester, five Flagler students are teaching with me in Hastings as part of a class called Writing in the Community at Flagler College. Please visit their blogs on the right of this page. The kids love their student teachers, and it's a great experience for everyone.

Thanks to Flagler College for making this possible!

Friday, February 26, 2010

The things about my soul
by T'Asia

My soul is like a caring person.
My soul is as thoughtful as anybody else.
My soul is as loving as my sisters and brothers soul.
My soul is like the puffy white clous in the beautiful blue sky.
My soul is like an owl taking care of her baby owlets.
My soul is as tasty as a pack of pancakes.
My soul is the thing in side me that makes me happy and stops me from being sad.
My soul will always be with me.

My Color Person
by Carson

My favorite color is silver if it was a person it would be silver and eat silvero's all the time he would love to do everything but homework. He would buy anything I wanted. And he would be a firefighter.

My Soul That Follows Me Everywhere

My soul is smart and happy and it's also the color of glue. I love my soul and he loved me too. And if he left me I'd drop dead literaly, when I die I'll go with him to heaven after all I am stuck to him.

My Life
by Brianna M

My soul is the light inside of me that makes me shine and dazzle. My soul is something that looks and tastes like chocolate. My soul is the pattern inside me that makes me smart. My soul is the power inside me that lights up my brain and makes me the second smartest kid in my class. My soul will lift up to heaven when I die.

Red Soul
by Branden

Soul is red like a fire burning like a hot sausage wrapped in clear piece of plastic. My soul works 24-7 non-stop. When I drink water my soul charges. My soul is red because that's the color of my heart my heart stands for love. Loving is important to me so is my soul. I'm on this earth not to impress other people but to impress god.

Soul poem
by Michael

My soul cries out to blame those with fame and fortune. My soul tries to board the eagles that soar. Why do I blame the fame I'm ashamed. But I can take hold over and take control of my soul.

My Happy/Angry Soul
by Jessica

My soul is like a dragon fire in a burning house with no exits
but on the other side of the burning house
is a green meadow filled with happiness
but farther away is the dark side where all my angry goes
but there's also a place above the sky where peace and love, and joy and angels

Moon Ring Soul
by William

My soul is white like clouds
When I'm mad my soul turns red as a cherry. When I'm happy my soul turns green. When I'm sad my soul turns yellow like cheese.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Chad Sweeney Visits

Poet Chad Sweeney, author of Arranging the Blaze, A Mirror to Shatter the Hammer, and An Architecture, visited the Teen Center in Hastings. Sweeney was a speaker at the Other Words conference held at Flagler College, and our student poets were thrilled he made a special stop on his book tour to meet with them.

Here, the students are entertained by Sweeney's reading of "Karawane," Hugo Ball's sound poem of nonsensical German words. The kids wrote their own versions and performed them.

Sweeney continued the discussion about sound, asking the kids to identify a few people who say our names often. How does it sound when our mother calls our name? Our brother? Our teacher?
Here are their poems:
My name Harkia C

When my B friend Kelvon
says my name it sounds
like “i L y Kia so much!” and
then again it can sound like
“You’re so aggravating”

When my mom say my name
it sounds like “Kia go clean
that Room” or it could sound
like “Birds sing in the sky”

When my friend Rakiya
says my name it sounds
like “Girl guess what?!”

When my G-ma says my
name it sounds like “Soft
cold running water!”

When my niece Zizi
says my name it sound
like “tt Kia me love you!”

When my sister Tara
says my name it sounds
like “So what’s been up.”
Or it could sound like “I miss you!”

I would prefer you not to say my name

- Harkia


When my mom says my name
it sounds like clean your room, but
sometimes it sounds like sugar

When my dad says my name
it sounds like, Feed the dogs, take
out the trash, but sometimes it
sounds like A Army Commander
giving orders.

When my brother says my name
it sounds like let me get some
Halloween candy, but sometimes it
sounds like a bunch howling

When my youngest sister says my
name it sounds like a 1 year old
baby, but sometimes it sound like a
squeaky duck.

When my oldest sister says my
name it sound likes get out my
room leave my stuff alone, but sometimes
it sounds like a grumpy grandma.

- Timothy

When my mom says my name
it sounds like “clean the dishes!”
and it sounds like thunder in the sky,
When my brother says my name
it sounds like “I was playing
the game first.” And it sounds
like an earthquake is

- Maleek

When my mom says my
name it sounds like,
“Do you want anything
else,” but sometimes
it sounds like
waves forming.

When my dad
says my name
it sounds like
“Let’s practice” or like

When Charles says
my name it sounds
like “I can and always
will beat you in
basketball.” It sounds
like mice talking.

When Willie says
my name it sounds
like “I can beat you
in Madden” or like
pool balls colliding.

When Deraje says my
name it sounds like,
“Let me hold your
Belt,” or clapping hills.

When coach says my
name it sounds like
“get your team right” or
“let’s stretch.”

When you say
my name say it
with happiness.

- Stefan


When my mom says
my name it sound
like an elephant
blowing its trunk.

When my teacher
says my name it
sounds like a
TV staticking!

When my coach says
my name it sounds like
an army commander
give instructions
for someone to

When Trevor says
my name it is like

When Mrs. Singleton says
my name it’s like Come on
you can do better than

When my grandmom says
my name it sound like
skipping CD from her

When you say
my name say it
strong like the wind
driving a hurricane.

When my mom says my name it sounds
like “I told you to bring your clothes out
to the laundry room.”

When my dad says my name it sounds
like “I told you to do your

I felt that I was going to be killed
right there.

When my sister Jessie says my
name it sounds like she is trying
to protect me from getting in trouble.

When my friend says my name it
sounds like I am going to get beat up
by him.

When my teacher says my name it sounds like I am
going to get a bad grade.

When a soldier says my name it sounds like
“You have worked very hard today.” Or “How are you.”

When a stranger says my name it sounds
like they are begging for money from me.

When you say my name
say it soft but not

- Zackery

When my mama says
my name it sounds
like a scratch cd.

When my sister says
my name it sounds
like “gurl you get on my

When my friends
say my name it
sounds like gurl
let me tell you

When Charles say
my name it
sounds like Bryanna
let me tell you
what he said.

When Mr. Harris
says my name it
sounds like get out
of here Chess Kat.

So when you say my
name say it soft
but right.

- Bryanna

When my mom says my name it sounds
like “Run that ball” but it usually
sounds like take out the trash.

When my brother says my name
it sounds like “stop” but it usually
sounds like I’m going to tell.

When my uncle says my name it
sounds like “See you when I get out
of jail” but it usually sounds like
I’m goin to get you.

When my Dad says my name
it sounds like “Nice hit” but it
usually sounds like ready for Madden.

When my sister says my name
it sounds like “the TV is on mute
when it’s not” but it usually
sounds like let’s go play.

- Enrique

Thursday, November 19, 2009

After reading "Abandoned Farmhouse" by Ted Kooser, we talked of derelict houses we've seen in town. What happened? The children imagined stories behind the broken windows and chipped paint.

What happened here? Who knows?
The pretty white polished walls are
demolished. Hey remember
the time when we formed a hole in the wall
the kid was in it then we
accidently closed up? We are sorry!
Hey we’re fallin’ bye bye bye byeByyyyeee
friend you’re not my friend.
- Morgan

The old house had no windows
I wonder what happened
the fence is so raggedy and old
Maybe the people got ambushed.
Maybe there was a storm and
they died possibly dragons
ate them but I think pink monkey
ruled the world and covered it
in chocolate!
- Logan Morrison

Old house

We are old said the rusty
chain by the door. “Be quiet
you old coot” said the broken pencil left behind by a child
“the people arecoming back!” but it was only a red truck driving by
the dented computer started to cry
“I miss the wonderful people that download stuff on me and play fun games”
"Will you be quiet for goodness’sake they’re never coming back.”
- Amber Kidd

Say the what does

What does my father say at night. While I’m sleeping at night say the stars are out. Other children are sleeping too. Say the monkeys are missing. Say the kids are sleeping let’s put water on them. Say the horse is missing. Say the abandoned house up the street is scary. Say the boys are weird and double dutching. Say the everything is weird. Everything creeps me out. Say the way is everything weird. Goodbye.
- Kara

The house

There was a tall house, says the door that was as tall as the house; a tall window too; says the broken bedroom door.
- Aivona

The old things

I was once loved says the old raggedy doll. I was once drunk out of says the old china teacup. I was once used to make bread says the toaster. I was once used to let people sleep on at night says the old bed. I was once used to watch things says the old, dusty t.v.I was once used to clean with said the old, rusty sink. I was once used to cook with says the old stove and oven. I was once used to take hot stuffout of the oven says the potholders.I was once used to let people eat on says the old, dirty table. I was once used to sit on says the couch and chair. Quit it! Says the old refrigerator. What about me? I’m supposed to be used for food says the old refrigerator.
- Jasmine

Something new is in my house it howls at me and scares me. I want to say get out ghost but if I did it would probably kill me! I couldn’t really see it in the light but you can see it in the dark. I’m warning you don’t go near ghost!
- Teretha

Says the

I was once happy says the depressed dog; I once was shiny
says the ugly floor. I once
was new says the rotten table.
I once smelled good says the
old flowers. I once was working
said the worn out t.v.
- John P

The abandoned stuff

I once was loved says the old
rotten floors. Why have they abandoned
us says the broken windows. I was
filled says the empty dusty cabinet.
I was full of joy says the rotten old roof.
I had a family says the upstairs attic. My family used
to live here says the walls. I am
always cold because of the broken windows says the old rags lying in
the sink. I was clean says the dirty
concrete. I was alive says the
dusty dead flowers sitting in thewindow. Why should we care
they are never coming back says the door.

- De’Andrea

The house

There was thousands of people on me says the lonely lawn,
we are nothing, we are stupid trash said the angry porch. I am so sad if I had arms I would burn myself up said the frustrated house.
- Gage

There was a big greenhouse? it was big but not at all
but if you go in there the
witch would take your bones and cook them and eat them. She haves a green face that looks so ugly that she look at a window it would break. The kids mother go to jail but that the end of my story.
- Eric

There was the house there but the walls said to me when I walk in they said how are you doing and the floor said to me I love you. The dark said to me want to see your mom when we went to see my dad
my dad said to me.

- Latavia

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love poems

After reading "Love Poem" by Robert Bly, the kids wrote these poems. Oh, but the look on some of the boys' faces when I told them they were going to write a love poem today! Classic.

Love Poem
When we are in love, you lovebugs, scorpions, and othercrimly and crawling things or even a person who you know but when they look at you they just turn but you think of things like ants, ladybugs, and even homework that’s how love attacks and even a burned down rusty abandoned house or how most kids love Barney, Dora that’s how love feels and seems in most fairy tales or
most dreams, even imagination.
- Jessica McCloud

When we are in love we just fall upon the grass. When we are in love we just walk in heaven. When we are in love it just don’t feel so right. When we are in love we always take a bow. When we are in love we just fly over the trees. When we are in love we play together. When we are in love we break a part.
- Teretha

When we are in love, we love trees, wind blowing dogs barking rain dropping fish jumping sharks swimming
- William

Love Poem
When we are in love the fire calling and waves splashing and wood go booooom in the fire and the trees crack.
- Colby

When we are in love I think of wind in my eyes, and the dogs barking in my ears.
- Brianna C.

Love Poem
When we are in love, we love the trees,we love the roads that are abandonedall night, we love the old windows of theold rusty house.
- Zachary

A late spring day in my life the sunlight it is flyingin the sky and it is and is going to coast like a bird.
- Colby J.

When we are in love, we love someone very much, we can’t let go of the person, when we are in love we love everyone we know.
- Brianna M.

When we are in love, we love dirty playgrounds, we love the dead plants just lying in thegarden, we love the green grass,we love the light poles, we love the barns, we love the heat and we love the small animals.
- Alivona

When we are in love we see the cops pulling us over and the gum on the floor and the polluted river and your watchb reaks and you daydream like William and you trip and the ugly cat.
John Michael

When we are in love we love the brick walls of our school and the polluted driver bank abandoned at night and we love the dirty sidewalks.
David Ponce

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're a little behind here (as in two batches of poems from the OUR Center and the Teen Center. So, lots to come.

This first poem is from "Tim Tim." He wrote it last year in another class, and I just discovered it in his notebook:

When I Look in the Sky

at night I thinkof my uncle who died
when he was looking in the sky and got shot. When I look in the sky I think of all the soldiers that died. When I look in the sky I think of my parents and my whole generations. When I look in the sky, I think of my true love.When I look in the sky at night I think of all my dogs
that died.

- Sincerely

Timothy F.

The following poems are a continuation of our poems based on Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself."

Hasting teen center
Marlon walking across
the room looking lost
Harika making dumb sounds
Ms. Brooks eat her lunch
Breanna is eat candy
Zack playing pool and
he think he’s good.


The teen center is as loud as it could be

everybody is shouting
and running and Mrs. Singleton
stops and yells
Everybody stops
Bryanna sleeps withher mouth open and feet on the couch
as if she was home
Willie plays thePS2 and get mad
when he is losing and
Mrs. Brooks is watching
Jeeper-Creepers talking bout O no she
O yes she did.

- Charles

Flagler Estates

My home town is Flagler Estates,
I live in the section named…
Guzeman Avenue, Sometimes I
see this woman and her 4 year old
son walking from one street to the
other, there is this one man walking
his German Shepherd every day, and
there is this one man who jogs every day
for fifteen minutes until he gets
5 streets down the road, and stops and
drink some water until he starts
sweating out of his forehead,
like the Gatorade commercials
with the people sweating blue
and red Gatorade

- Maleek

F. Estate my House

Mom – sitting in her room doing hair
Oldest sister – yelling at younger sister
Youngest sister – yelling back at oldest
Dad – come home from work yells at sisters
Brother – cleaning up our room
Me – play the game laugh and tease at youngers, on and on and on allnight long.
Dogs bark all day dog drama
Computer on all night
TV on for two hours straight
See Halloweens decorations
Room looks a mess.
Lights on all night long

- Timothy


The houses look like they are haunted.
The kids look like they are statues.
The adults are running like it is a race.
The roads look like they are dark and dusk.
The vehicles are going very slow like they don’t know everybody.
The other people on the streets are lying on the ground.
The city feel like it is a bright sun just coming up.
The ditches are so deep thatthey look like they never end.
The grass is like it is too short.

- Zack

Flagler Estates

Dirty, muddy, kids
I don’t like
Boring, Dead, Depressing
Me, my cousins at my
house on the weekend
playing football, playing games,sitting down talking

- Marlon

I see CJ walking down mainstreet eating
Willie sit in his chair at Rec.
Bryanna sleeps with her head down on the couch.
Stephan is looking at
Bryanna write sentences.
Mrs. Singleton is sitting at her
desk eating chips.
Marlon is sitting down playing the game.
Harkia is sitting with
her back to mine.
The office is a gaping door of silence.
The library is a fun safe place for kids
CJ and Bryanna hold hands on the couch.

- Willie

There are sleeping mummies draping around.
While there are raining rats and bats.
There’s rotten potatoes floating around.
While there’s swimming cats and cows.

- Stefan

Friday, September 25, 2009

Inspired by Marianne Moore's poem, "The Fish"

fish galloping peaceful.
ducking & tucking,
in the deep
shallow, avoiding
and causing
for food &
- Stefan

The eagle
through the air
like a heron trying to
find fish, like

big and fat tuna
fish swimming in the
water which is blue,
the sky but the
eagle gets confused
so he thinks that
gets a fish but he
bites a satellite
but it zaps
for almost an hour
until he lets go
like he got cooked,
new as fried
chicken on
a Sunday
dinner plates
with marble
and glass
you can clean
all night.
- Maleek

The Pit bull!

there with her broad
shoulder waiting to take
charge to get her food
a furious bull at a
- Charles

The snake

cruising on the ground
enormous big veins
patterns on the back
lovely kids on couple’s
television thing being evil
killing kids it’s
lives in holes and
slither through the
night and water
guess who

- Tim

The Moon

never up in the middle
of the day only at night
very shiny at night
a sleepy head sometime
but give u light at night
- Bryanna